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Ensure your growth by running on a single system


According to a study of the Aberdeen group, ERP systems are key factors in order to successfully grow small and medium-sized companies (SME).


An ERP is a centralized system that enables collaboration, efficiency and decision-making by making people work in one centralized system with real-time data and follow-up.


Most businesses without a single system are having headaches to generate accurate data for business reports and manage all the processes in systems that can’t interact with one another.

In addition to that, Aberdeen research shows the following metrics regarding companies using ERPs:

- 4x more likely to be able to forecast the demand.
- 6x more likely to share data with suppliers, resellers, customers and regulatory body.
- It decreases the time for decision making by 36%.
- It reduces the operational costs by 11%.
- 77% of them are able to standardize back office processes.

By Michael Goetghebuer